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Experience with Critical Communications Finland
  • How Finnish safety and security agencies, social stakeholders and solution providers have made progress throug co-operation and collaboration
  • What were the innovations for citizens, users, agencies and operators
  • How Finland is addressing the challenges of transition to mobile broadband

Critical Communications Finland hosts Finnish authorities and the national public safety operator VIRVE who are prepared to share their practical experience on how national, regional, local operations and incidents are succesfully taken care of.

The authorities are supported by Finnish technology providers with their solutions and experience. Remember to ask them how these solutions have been implemented and used - you will be amazed.

Critical Communications Finland

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Critical Communications Week 2020 provides great content and great possibilities to network with world leading experts in critical communications sector. Critical Communications Finland together with Business Finland and Erillisverkot has produced the content for Thursday 5th November. Register and experience the content, meet the experts and solutions providers and build #SuccessInCooperation

Virve 2 contracts announced

Virve 2 contracts announced Erillisverkot Group – the state owned company respobnsile for operating nationwide authority TETRA network Virve – announced the results of Virve 2 contracts process that began with negotiation phase approximately a year ago. The Virve 2 mission critical broadband service consists of two major parts. Core network owned and operated by […]

Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2020

Christmas thoughts The year is coming to end and it is time to sum up what has happended during the past months whilst taking a look to the new decade that is right at our door step. What did 2019 bring in Finland? In Finland the subscriber number in Erillisverkot operated VIRVE network continue to […]